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Laura La Sala

"Alone we are great.  Together we are better!"

Our Mission

Every student at P.S. 89 will receive a well rounded foundation for learning through rigorous, high quality, Next Generation Standards aligned in all areas of instruction. We will build a community of learners where staff, students, and families are actively engaged in the educational process. With innovative programming we will be able to carry out more individualized instruction, using a culturally responsive academic approach that includes social studies, science, technology, the arts, and SEL. Through Leader In Me we will build critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills. We will provide a positive, supportive educational environment that will develop all students into life-long learners, ready for college, career and beyond.

Our Vision

School Community

We envision the Jose Peralta School of Dreamers to be a school community that exemplifies the best in empowering students with the necessary skills to be true leaders. We encourage all students to lead with a positive mindset, embrace diversity, be critical thinkers and use their individual strengths to be responsible members of our society and to achieve their dreams.


P.S. 89, is one of the largest elementary schools in New York City. It is situated in an area of Elmhurst, Queens, and comprised of a culturally diverse student population. The community is home to many new immigrants to the United States, which, directly effects the language proficiency of our student body. 

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School Quality Snapshot 2018-19


Principal's Welcome

Welcome! I am honored be part of this community! I firmly believe all of us are on a journey of continual learning and must keep ourselves open to the academic and life lessons that are regularly presented for each of us. Additionally, I am firmly committed to my mission as an educator of helping each person reach deeply towards their own personal best.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone is treated with respect and that students reach deep levels of profound learning through relevant, engaging learning experiences. Our staff of extraordinary teachers, paraprofessionals, and office personnel arrives each day prepared to give their best to our students, families and school.


We know that ensuring students receive a quality education in a caring environment with engaging work is a team effort, and we are grateful to have such supportive and involved parents standing behind the children we serve. As partners, please know that you are a critical part of our school community.


Laura La Sala


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